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We’re both inspired by emotions,
love and human connections

Photographer and sustainable explorer

Since I was a little kid I was caught between cultures and different countries that I call home to this day. Growing up in Germany and Italy made me realize how wonderful our planet can be. That's also a reason why an ordinary life was never part of my path. I draw my inspiration from the landscapes I found most impressive, the people I've met, that one song not being able to leave my mind, the joy and pain I've experienced and all those new adventures I haven't been able to live, yet.

Comic book enthusiast, Coffee lover, travel junkie, camera-tech nerd and italian-german native speaker

Photographer and fighter for Equal rights

There's so much you get back when put time and passion into something you love. For me, it's photographing people. I feel like it's a way to truly understand someone and their emotional layers. Empathy has always played a major role in my life and being able to transfer this aspect into my work made me realize how it can impact the photos I take. In fact, I think it's a form of therapy and it doesn't matter at all if you stand in front or behind the camera. What matters is your wellbeing.

psychedelic rock listener, Persian food addict, meaning seeking person, piano player and Rain dancer

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Destination and Wedding photographers

For every couple that hires us for one of our Wedding or Destination packages, we've decided that we will donate 50 EUR to one of the non-profit organizations we have chosen. We believe that giving something back is not just a moral obligation but rather a sign of support to all those who are willing to risk their lives on a daily basis in order to make this world a better place. They need our help and if we can do something by just donating a little and thus be part of the change, it's absolutely worth it!

Giving back to our planet and to all those who fight for us

Some of our Supported NGOs

Guess the song!

To be honest we didn't even put on music while taking this shot, we just imagined our favorite songs. Can you guess some of them?
Hint: It could be either The Doors, Led Zeppelin or The Kinks.

Our goal is to capture your true self by praising both your flaws and virtues

Whole lotta Rosie

We love Rosie! Technically she's the dog of Michèle's mom, but she spends a lot of time with us and she's especially comfortable in our bed...

May 21



August 21

Lecce / Salento


August 21


Traveling is one thing we could't live without. During the pandemic it's never easy and when it all started we realized how much we missed it.


September 21



New York City

Dezember 21


Nuremberg — Germany

"Michèle and Enzo are amazing, they made us feel comfortable and safe in front of the camera right from the start. We were really nervous but after a few minutes with them we forgot about our insecurities and we were able to let go. We booked an elopement shooting and are absolutely in love with the photos! It takes more than just being able to press the shutter button on a camera and these two are just so great in understanding the people they have in front. We can't help but looking at the pictures they took of us and immediately feel the joy we experienced during the shooting. If you are unsure whether or not to book them, just get to know them during a call like we did and you'll be hooked as it's like talking to good friends."

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